Several spots are still open to provide altar flowers in the first half of 2024. Sign up in the narthex for your special day of remembrance or celebration.

“Putting on the Glitz” 
Saturday, May 4th- 5pm
Tickets on sale April 12th!
Adults $15.00 / Children ages 5-12: $8.00. Children under 5 are free.

This event is open to all women. We will step back in time to 
the roaring 20's with a presentation by Flora the Flapper, who 
will share stories of Chicago from those frivolous times. 
The evening begins at 5 p.m. with a basket auction, Charleston dance lessons, silent movies, and refreshments. Then head to the Speak Easy to give a secret password to be admitted to a fabulous banquet served by attentive and handsome waiters. 

This year's menu will include a swanky salad, exotic beef bourguignon and dessert tables filled with sweets of your choice. We will try our best to meet dietary restrictions if you let us know in advance. After dinner, everyone will gather for final bids and then enjoy a program that is truly the bee’s knees. 


Reacting versus Responding. Heard that before? The past few days have been a brain twirling, head scratching, out-loud yelling, pillow hugging time for many of us. How dare someone vandalize our sign. But someone did.
We might be tempted to nash our teeth. We might. We can also take heart. We must be doing something right. We must respond with love in our action, and our action is one of healing and rebuilding.
If you are able and wish to join, here will be our initial community response:
  This coming Sunday, April, 14th at 10:00am, we will gather at the scene
  of the sign crime. After a short prayer of unity, we will work. We will 
  We will place some 450 ribbons around our repaired sign. All the colors of 
  the Rainbow, all the colors of the Progressive Pride flag, hundreds of
  ribbons. When we are done, the fence will be awash in color. Each ribbon
  will be a testament to our love and resolve. We will be God’s Presence 
  and Enable God’s Justice. We will stand together.
Join us if you can. All the materials will be provided. Bring an open heart and helping hands.

Thanks to our Bethany friends for your support and presence.
See you on Sunday.

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