As the staff-parish relations committee, we need to share some important news with all of you, which marks both a moment of transition for our church community and a new chapter for a beloved member of our congregation.

After nine years of faithful service, our dear Pastor Sam has been reappointed by the Bishop to Trinity United Methodist Church in Mount Prospect and will be leaving Bethany at the end of June.

He will be filling a vacancy created by the promotion of Rev. Wendy Hardin Hermann who will become our new District Superintendent, also effective July 1st.

It's a moment filled with mixed emotions. While we are sad to see Pastor Sam leave, we are also filled with gratitude for his dedicated service to our community, especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

His leadership, compassion, and unwavering faith have been a guiding light for us all, helping us navigate through the uncertainties with hope and solidarity. 

It is an opportunity f or Pastor Sam to share his many gifts with another congregation and on behalf of myself and my SPRC co-chair Amelia Stern, we are very thankful for the work Pastor Sam has done to leave Bethany in a strong and stable position.

As we prepare to bid farewell to Pastor Sam, we also turn our thoughts to the future of Bethany. To ensure a smooth transition and to find a new pastor who aligns with the spirit and needs of our community, SPRC is asking ad council to work closely with the District Superintendent to craft a detailed profile of our church. 

This profile will then be provided to the Bishop to assist in the search for our next pastor, someone who will continue to guide and nurture our faith community in the year ahead.

We understand that this is a significant moment for our congregation, and many of you may wish to be part of this journey. If you feel you have insights that could aid in this important task or questions, we encourage you reach out to us directly. Together, we will ensure that our church continues to be a place of faith, hope, and love for everyone.

In the coming weeks, we will have opportunities to express our gratitude to Pastor Sam for his dedication and service. Let us make these moments special and remind Pastor Sam of the profound impact he has had on our lives and our community. 

Thank you all for your attention and your continued faith in our congregation. May we move forward with grace and unity, trusting in God's plan for our church, for Pastor Sam, for his family, and for each of us. 

-    Gwen Daniels & Amelia Stern, SPRC

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